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DomainRanking is a 'Organic real traffic' that generates real visits to improve SEO through organic search traffic from SERPs (Google CTR ).

Our approach to SEO is uniquely built around what we know works…and what we know doesn’t work.

And to understand the difference, just refer not only to the Google Search Console but also to similarweb rather than AHREFS.


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Not just a simple Traffic

DOMAINRANKING is not a traffic bot, it is a Google organic traffic bot generator (CTR Bot), which generates organic search traffic using real IPs from its network to improve the SEO of its customers.

DOMAINRANKING is an organic click generator that performs real searches from Google search engines, thus increasing the CTR of your keywords.

SEO agencies can use DOMAINRANKING to take an unprecedented advantage of its performance as an SEO tool.

Increase rankings for your most relevant keywords

The mechanism adopted by DOMAINRANKING involves searching your website from Google search results and using your keywords via real IP addresses from our network.

By doing so, the CTR of your keywords increases, and at the same time you can use the Google Search Console tool to monitor your CTR.

It is worth mentioning that CTR is the # 2 factor for SEO activities.

Organic search traffic for your real SEO

DOMAINRANKING type your keywords in the search bar, search for your website in the results pages, find your website and emulate human behavior by making the visit and using real residential IPs.

Other sites don't search for your website from search results. The traffic is simply fake and ultimately has no SEO impact. Don't expect to earn rankings with such a traffic generator.

Effective for G-Search Console and Similarweb

The organic search traffic generated by DOMAINRANKING comes from real IP addresses connected to the ISPs. This means that we generate real organic visits to your website which are recorded by the main analytics tools such as Google Search Console or the more demanding Similarweb

Hundreds of locations for targeted SEO

Other traffic generating sites have very few real locations available.

These traffic bots use a system to fake the location of its IPs from Google.

At DOMAINRANKING, we have several million residential IPs that allow us to provide visits from dozens and dozens of countries. Thanks to this, you can improve your positioning on a targeted search engine. Not only but also or, for example.

Pay less for better SEO

The prices of other traffic-generating sites seem very attractive to traffic newbies who are unfamiliar with the negative SEO effects of low-end traffic bot. Behind the seemingly affordable prices hides low-quality traffic that can have negative effects on the initial goal.

The prices charged by DOMAINRANKING are very attractive for the SEO contributions that this implies. DOMAINRANKING is the best ally for your SEO strategies.

Residential IPs enable impressive results for all users, with decisive improvements of the ranking in a short time.

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$ 29

Monthly Package

  • 30 Searches / day
  • 900 Searches per Month
  • 12 Keywords included
  • 2 Pages visited
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$ 49

Monthly Package

  • 60 Searches / day
  • 1800 Searches per Month
  • 25 Keywords included
  • 2 Pages visited
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$ 89

Monthly Package

  • 120 Searches / day
  • 3600 Searches per Month
  • 50 Keywords included
  • 2 Pages visited
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$ 169

Monthly Package

  • 250 Searches / day
  • 7500 Searches per Month
  • 100 Keywords included
  • 3 Pages visited
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$ 329

Monthly Package

  • 600 Searches / day
  • 18000 Searches per Month
  • 250 Keywords included
  • 4 Pages visited
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$ 569

Monthly Package

  • 1200 Searches / day
  • 36000 Searches per Month
  • 500 Keywords included
  • 5 Pages visited
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Why us ?

“We examine and compare our DOMAINRANKING with another software which acts like a traffic generation bot and which is very well known in the market..”


  • Fake website traffic No
  • AHREFS accepted Yes
  • Clicks recorded in Google Search Console Yes
  • among the sources Yes
  • Clicks improve SEO rankings Yes
  • Reliable Google CTR traffic bot Yes
  • Triger Google autocomplete (Google suggest) Yes
  • Real organic search traffic Yes
  • Traffic with negative SEO effects No
  • Support 24/7 Yes
  • Hundreds of clicks location Yes
  • Customized browser Yes
  • Millions of residential IPs network YES
  • Excellent price / effectiveness ratio Yes
  • Monthly subscription without commitment Yes


  • Fake website traffic Yes
  • AHREFS accepted No
  • Clicks recorded in Google Search Console No
  • among the sources No
  • Clicks improve SEO rankings No
  • Reliable Google CTR traffic bot No
  • Triger Google autocomplete (Google suggest) No
  • Real organic search traffic No
  • Traffic with negative SEO effects Yes
  • Support 24/7 No
  • Hundreds of clicks location No
  • Customized browser No
  • Millions of residential IPs network No
  • Excellent price / effectiveness ratio No
  • Monthly subscription without commitment Yes
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